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Values, Vision & Aims

As a school we are committed to our motto: ‘Be the best that you can



Clanfield Junior School is a child-centred community and all children and adults are supported to be the best that they can be across the school and within the community.

Our Values:

At Clanfield Junior school we celebrate a range of values throughout the school year and we pride ourselves on developing lifelong skills based upon these values.


We have six core values:








Each value is explored on a half termly basis across the school year and enables us to deepen understanding of each one whilst creating links with other important values such as kindness, sharing and collaboration.  We also link our core values to the British Values.

Our aim at Clanfield Junior School is to prepare children for their future role as responsible citizens, capable of playing a full part in society.

We do this through:

  • Creating a supportive environment where children feel safe and secure

  • Providing rich learning experiences through a creative curriculum which fosters a lifelong love of learning

  • Setting high expectations for work and behaviour and inspiring everyone to do their best

  • Equipping every child with the confidence and skills they need to face the challenges of the future

  • Developing children’s confidence to express themselves in an articulate, creative and confident manner.

  • Creating and maintaining high self-esteem as well as a feeling of self-worth and independence.

Welcome to Clanfield Junior School - Be the best that you can be.