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Books read by staff

Masked Readers

During Book Week 2022, teachers became masked readers.  These can be found on our website under the pupils tab, within the video resource centre.


Children were asked to guess who was behind the mask!


The answers are as follows:


Fish - Mrs Butler

Sloth - Miss Brown

Baby Yoda - Miss Elliott 

Banana Man - Mr Burt

Cat - Miss Steyn

Catanic - Miss Greenham

Chocolate - Mrs Pinhorne

Hamster - Miss McGlynn

Monkey - Mrs Moakes

Mr Beard - Mrs Parker

Mystery Lady - Miss Bonwick

Pig - Miss Peacock

Potato King - Miss Harrold 

Sweetcorn - Mrs Powers



Chapter One - The Reader of Books

Chapter Two - Mr Wormwood, the Great Car Dealer

Chapter Three - The Hat and the Superglue

Chapter Four - The Ghost

Chapter Five - Arithmetic

Chapter Six - The Platinum-Blond Man

Chapter Seven - Miss Honey

Chapter Eight - The Trunchbull

Chapter Nine - The Parents

Chapter Ten - Throwing the Hammer

Chapter Eleven - Bruce Bogtrotter and the Cake

Chapter Twelve - Lavender

Chapter Thirteen - The Weekly Test

Chapter Fourteen - The First Miracle

Chapter Fifteen - The Second Miracle

Chapter Sixteen - Miss Honey's Cottage

Chapter Seventeen - Miss Honey's Story

Chapter Eighteen - The Names

Chapter Nineteen - The Practice

Chapter Twenty - The Third Miracle

Chapter Twenty-One - A New Home

Other stories and poems

The Boy Who Switched Off the Sun

Vain Valentine

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

What the Ladybird Heard

Aliens Stole my Underpants

On the ning nang nong

Us two

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