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Meet our two new JRSOs!

MP Friday 14 Oct 2016

Congratulations to Sabrena Saka and Elizabeth Child who have been chosen to be our school's Junior Road Safety Officers for the next 12 months.

Sabrena and Elizabeth, accompanied by Mrs. Woodings, attended a day of training in Winchester, learning more about their role and responsibilities as well as enjoying a range of road safety games.

During the next year, our new JRSOs will lead activities for the whole school in order to raise their road safety awareness.


Elizabeth and Sabrena have both written an account of their training.


On Friday the 7th of October Mrs Woodings took me and Sabrina to Botley Park Hotel to go to Junior Road Safety Officer Training, there were lots of different schools there.  We signed in and went to the introduction where we learned about what we could change at our school.

There were lots of activities to do.  First we watched a video about car safety and then we did an exercise about whose fault the accident was.  Then we designed a t shirt with a slogan on to be safe on the roads.  After lunch we had a quiz all about what we had just learnt and a talk about encouraging people to park away from the school and walk.  We even got an opportunity to record a road safety advert for Heart radio.

I had a fab and fun day of activities that helped me understand the importance of road safety and now I am offically a Junior Road Safety Officer.  I have used all of the information that I got from the training to help other children in my school understand the importance of road safety.

By Elizabeth Child


On the 7th of October 2016, Mrs Woodings, Libby and I left the school and went to the Botley Park Hotel for the Junior Road Safety Officer Training.  The drive took 30 minutes and we were having trouble with the directions but we managed to get there at around 9am.  We were kindly greeted and given  our day's schedule.

I enjoyed meeting Bazil, the 'My journey mascot'. I really wanted to hug him so Libby told me to go up to him.  When I got near I was scared so I just waved.  Mrs Woodings thought it would be a good idea to take a photograph with him. 

In the afternoon we had a talk about road safety, a quiz and workshops. We even made our own t shirts, which was fun.  My favourite part of the day was Quizdom and Heart FM Studios because I won the quiz! 

We all had fun at our Road Safety Officer training.  

By Sabrena Saka

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