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Clanfield says 'Goodbye and thankyou' to Mr. P.

Today was a sad day for Clanfield Junior; today we said goodbye to Mr. P. 

Mr. P has been a Headteacher at Clanfield Junior School for 8 years and over the years has played many pranks on members of staff during end of term assemblies.  Well, today the teachers got their revenge with their special version of:


I'm a Headteacher - Get me out of here!


In order to receive his gifts, Mr. P. had to sample five foods and guess what they were. Blind folded, with children pretending to be horrified the game began.  Mr. P. Guessed 4 out of the 5 foods but failed to recognise his much loved Seed Sensation bread (other brands are available!). We weren't too mean to Mr. P. they were all foods he regularly eats, ending with his much loved dark, mint chocolate.


We all want to say a huge thank you to you Mr. P. 

Thank you for being a fun, engaging, enthusiast Headteacher. 

We will never forget you.

Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.

From the pupils, staff and parents of Clanfield Junior School

Welcome to Clanfield Junior School - Be the best that you can be.